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The Life And Times of Durb Morrison


Born in Newark, Ohio on December 28th, 1972, I graduated high school in 1991. Surviving a challenging childhood, I saturated myself in art and went on to excel in art classes throughout high school with dreams of attending art college. At the tender age of 14 a few of us punk rock, skateboard kids decided to bust into mom's sewing machine kit and tattoo each other with small handpoke designs. I was then slowly brought into the world of tattooing through a family member, and eventually abandoned the art college dream to focus intensely on the art of tattooing, which I have since dedicated my life to daily. I was mainly self-educated from the start, having a bunch of crazy punk rock friends that allowed me to tattoo them which helped me learn quickly. I began using professional equipment at the age of 17, which was the beginning of my actual tattoo career. That was the moment that fueled my fire for tattooing, making my interest in tattooing grow quickly, sending me on an amazing journey through life!


At the age of 18, Immediately after I graduated high school, I began working in a professional tattoo studio to work with Tim Miller in Columbus, Oh. I later decided to travel the country tattooing, sight seeing and generally learning from artists around the country, eventually settling down in Anaheim and Huntington Beach, California. Early in my career in 1994 I began receiving dozens of awards for my work and started to get my tattooing published in every major tattoo magazine. I later met the infamous and legendary Sailor Moses (R.I.P.) while traveling the country, and worked his booth at Sturgis in 1993. He later gave me the invitation to move to Biloxi, MS to learn more from him, which was an amazing experience. In 1994 I moved back to Columbus to open Stained Skin, which went on to become a staple in the tattoo industry. In 1999 I opened my second studio in my hometown of Newark, Ohio called Second Skin. All of my studios have always had an incredible amount of intensely talented tattoo artists working there over the years, which gave me the opportunity to constantly grow and expand artistically, meeting new artists, and learning new techniques. I later sold both Stained Skin studios to focus intensely on personal fine art, design work, The Hell City Tattoo Festival, True Tubes, True Needles, True Grips, , Writing for Tattoo Magazine, Pint Size Publishing and other various projects.


Today I own and tattoo at RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Columbus, Ohio! RedTree Tattoo Gallery is an all disposable, private, appointment only, Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery. RedTree is an artistically inspiring studio located in Italian Village, just outside of downtown Columbus, Ohio. RedTree features a handful of world-class tattoo artists, painters and various guest artists that travel through to work out of RedTree Tattoo Gallery. RedTree Tattoo Gallery was bound to blossom at some point, seeing that it’s very roots come from a long line of historic tattoo artists that have claimed Columbus, Ohio as their home for over the last two decades. RedTree Tattoo Gallery exudes a relaxing, warm and classy studio with an open environment that makes the energy of the studio feel receptive and inviting.            


RedTree Tattoo Gallery is also an all disposable, appointment only, Tattoo and Art Gallery, located in Italian Village, bordering the arts district downtown Columbus, Ohio, featuring world-class tattoo artists. Each artist at RedTree focuses on producing custom, one of a kind tattoos, unique to their own style. The owner of RedTree Tattoo Gallery, Durb Morrison, is also the organizer and founder of the Hell City Tattoo Festival located in downtown Columbus, Ohio annually. Durb also began one of the very first tattoo studios in the city back in 1994 and now has established his new tattoo gallery, set to make it’s mark.            


RedTree is located in the art influenced Italian Village district. RedTree is in its own red brick building giving it a distinctive look and feel of it’s own. The signage at the tattoo gallery is also very minimalist and does not say “tattoo” on the storefront anywhere. “If you know, then you know”, says Durb. Being appointment only affords the gallery to have a low-key, almost underground approach to it’s look and feel. There is no open sign, there are no hours, the gallery only has a small RedTree flag outside of the storefront. Once inside RedTree, the simplicity of the shop gives it a very sleek and professional feel. The first impression of the interior of RedTree is that of an open and minimalistic space, with a feel and look of only relaxation and creativity.            


Below the main floor of RedTree, the basement area is finished and serves as an ideal distribution center for True Tubes ( In the other end of the downstairs is an artist lounge with PlayStation, as well as a photography area for professional photo taking of finished work. Another feature of RedTree is that the tattoo artists control nearly everything in the studio with their cell phones and apps designed to control the devices inside, like the stereo, television, client meals and more. RedTree Tattoo Gallery is always offering guest artists who are traveling around the country or simply passing through the artistically beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio a clean, friendly, appointment only, all disposable tattoo studio and art gallery to comfortably work from. RedTree has surely sunk it’s roots back into Hell City Tattoo Fest’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio and is blossoming nicely!


Today, I am a proud father to Sid Morrison and I also organize and promote the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, Ohio and also in Phoenix, Arizona, which has become one of the tattoo industry's favorite conventions. I have consulted for some of today’s top tattoo conventions. I currently tattoo privately as well as on the road at conventions and guest spots. I have had artwork sell in numerous art galleries throughout my career. I have recently become a contributing writer for Tattoo Magazine, where I interview other tattoo artists. I am very much an Apple Computer advocate and do a lot of design work on them for my own personal art as well as designing many things for Hell City and other companies! My interest in Apple’s iPhone sparked my interest in designing apps that give back to the tattoo industry and are educational as well. I have recently released my first “Pint Size Paintings” app on the iphone with more in the works. I’m also the owner of Pint Size Publishing, which has released Volume #1 “Miniature Paintings By Big Artists” the first of many pint size books to come. I also developed True Tubes Steel Tip Disposable Tattoo Tubes, which is the industries most innovative disposable tube to date. True Tubes have revolutionized disposable tubes and are used by todays best tattoo artists.

When I'm not working (which is rare) I find time to paint, write, design, play paintball, mma, snowboard, play video games and hang out with family and friends. I enjoy other mediums of art outside of tattooing, including wood sculpture, metal sculpture, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic painting and graphic design.  Be sure to take your time and view all of the tattooing and other fine art on my site. PLEASE DO NOT COPY any works for personal replication of any kind! These images on my site are copyrighted and very personal to those wearing them. Thanks for visiting!



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  • Recently on TLC's "Tattoo Wars" filmed at the Hell City Tattoo Fest
  • Designed clothing for Bosstones 2004 warped tour merch line
  • Tattooed Ricky Rockett of Poison
  • Tattooed Trevor Keith of Face to Face, and numerous others
  • Tattoos in "Tattoo" by Dale Rio
  • Articles and tattoos in I.T.A.
  • Articles and tattoos in Numerous other fine magazines!!


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