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THE ONE & ONLY Durb Morrison! Don’t miss listening to this tattoo legend on the new Tatt Chatt podcast and also watching the YouTube video of the podcast online NOW! 
Want to hear some real shit from real tattoo artists? Tune in NOW to listen or watch when I sit and talk with Tattoos By DON DON on his new podcast @tattchatt about my career and history as well as how I feel about today's state of the tattoo industry and community! You DO NOT want to miss this one! Make sure to listen! this is knowledge like no other! The TattChatt Podcast is about anything and everything! hosted by Tattoo artist #tattoosbydonson located in Phoenix, Arizona. TattChatt brings tattoo artists together with stories and knowledge! Do not miss out on hearing about years of experiences from Durb Morrison that you may or may not have heard! For all the artist out there, so much knowledge will be shared and talked about! growth is key! Let’s continue to grow together!

Don’t sit on the front seat of your couch and miss this one, get up and tune in NOW! 

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